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-you like what you see? I nodded. – You know it’s not right what you’ve been doing? She puzzled me her question and I stayed quiet on the milking table porn.  You think I have not noticed you in my drawers looking for my Thongs ?, although you’ve only found these boy short, you think yesterday during the game did not feel like I used to play, and that’s too bad because you left me hot, I do like doing daily two or three times but I have two small problems, the first your uncle is out of town and the second longer I can totally meet from 3 years ago just fucks me once or twice a month and now I work in the week that are here just makes me so before leaving and always the same ends and does not care if I’m satisfied. Do you think that’s okay? And more with his hand he squeezed my penis. – But the love I feel for him alone I have been unfaithful lovers and with those plastic volts to his bed where he had. She continued squeezing my erect I approached his lips to mine and gave me a little kiss, he came up to my ear and whispered “now we fuck”.

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Imagination began to build the scene without so if I want to bring it up. Then another message: “I think … I cannot stop doing” simple, concise, more than enough. I figured there beside me, under my sheets as we heard the rain fall with increasing violence; Is it only physical ?, only wish? It was much more, no doubt. I lie down and put my hand under my soft silk underwear. It was damp, moisture bearing his name; our name. I decided to turn the phone recorder to listen to me, excited me very much to know that was hundreds of kilometers and we would join my moans. My fingers found no difficulty in slipping on my sex, my lips, looking introduced inside me without thinking of anything else.

At that time, the recording was interrupted by a call: it was him. Without planning, without saying anything, just we begin to hear the groans of each other at the milking massage stand. My lower lip seemed to plead for mercy to the repeated bites derivatives such intensity unbuilt images without explanation is happening with the soundtrack of our groans; of us. A groan drowned the other side made could not lengthen lethargy; I got carried away by joining her orgasm. An unexpected beep settled our conversation and gave way again to the messages: “I adore you, I feel you here in my skin” … “Do not leave me, stay inside, in my veins, in my heart” … “We’ll be together and when it happens, the gates of heaven will open before us”.

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It was then that I suddenly ran away from her. This is not might’ve never been unfaithful to your uncle, you are also my nephew, this cannot happen, not on the massage table, not anywhere. . I was taken aback but I knew she was warm and willing flesh. She sat with her eyes down (I think that’s sad) so he could not see what was so near me to her and stood beside her. By giving a light slap on her back she turned and saw in his eyes full lust to have my penis almost in his face, then she took him with her hands, admired him, I knew I wanted so delicately hold the neck and slowly began to direct my big sausage penis to her mouth, she in turn got carried away, to have it in front of her, gave her a tender kiss to the tip, which I hedgehog, with one of my hands began to caress her face and down to her breasts which stroked over her blouse, slowly I felt like she let go and started licking my penis, then I let go of his neck and my hands I concentrated on releasing her breasts, she unbuttoned her blouse me wet yolks fingers with my spit and stroked her nipples in circles, pinching soon get hard and erect, her for her lamia part my penis from the tip to the base, back and stuffed it with one hand grabbed her and the other stroked my testicles, milk my huge cock, I begged pinched pulled his mouth. I licked and sucked my testicles all this with great taste as if it were a delicacy and was a while I did not want to stop and wanted to continue some change position in which I could fondle her breasts more.


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I got up slowly and gently, so as not to wake anyone, and to run away from there, I picked up my clothes from the floor and tiptoed out, but he crossed the room, I stopped short, Alfredo sat there jerking off while watching a home video, directed the TV view and eyes bulged me with what they saw in the video I was, making a blow job to Jorge, while Celeste ate my pussy, oh mother! Site could not move, I was transfixed watching the video, while Alfredo masturbated in the following images, Celeste screamed and panted after a while fuck her, I penetrated me, with the same energy and intensity that it made it through the TV I heard myself screaming oh yes!, fuck me, fuck me, suddenly, who was recording and let the camera came on the scene, Alfredo was on the massage table getting sucked by two girls. I stopped for a moment I also saw that while Celeste and I were on the job men masturbated watching, I left Celeste again get on all fours and offer my sex to Jorge and Alfredo. Jorge returned to thrust passionately, while penetrating me, I licked her pussy with passion and she at once sucked cock her husband, who was over his face, it was a hubbub language, legs, arms, bulging breasts and huge penises. I could not believe what I was seeing, simply did not recognize this woman hungry for sex and lustful, I could not believe he was involved in the orgy-ing!


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My friend has invited me to his home for his birthday party. But when I reached I found nobody there, only my boyfriend was sitting there and was wearing jeans only. When I asked about the rest of the people, he gave me a cunning smile, and he said “it’s a birthday milking massage… for you and me” His dick was visible through his pants, I had waited for a long time to lose my virginity and I knew that the time had arrived. Without giving it a second thought, I put my hand on his dick over his jeans. I just removed his pants and put his dick in my mouth..

I was really enjoying the sucking job. Soon I was riding over his cock milking hardcore from it, waiting for the moment he’d cum. But soon the friction was gone and it was started going smoothly in and out. Now the moment came the hot fucked up facial juice was all over on my face. Me and my boyfriend enjoyed a lot. That was the Birthday party, we wish to enjoy every day!!

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I am an Army wife; It’s almost a year since I last met my husband. Even when my husband is with me, I never get much satisfaction, since his dick is small. I recently joined a gym near to my home. Mr. James is the gym owner and having a very muscular body. He always remains in shorts when training me, and once I got a glimpse of his freaky really huge dick. One Day I asked Mr. James to provide me with special personalized training sessions, and he agreed to that. Mr. James also knew my intentions as he knew that I am alone at my home.
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I challenged James to satisfy me, he Just put and I said if he was up to the challenge, I would have the massage table ready. He started rubbing my tits. I removed his shorts and got his dick in my hand. It was too big and hard, I knew that blonde Niki Snow ball sucking was at the top of her game, I still had it! I sucked his dick and played with his balls, soon it got harder. When his dick had just entered me , we were unstoppable, endless strokes and beating my pussy. James had fucked me so hard and it was the first time that somebody had satisfied me!

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My name is Jessica and a few days back, I joined a boys college as Assistant Chemistry Professor after completing my doctorate. I found a student in my class, who is a very intelligent guy. Before going to summer vacations he asked me to give him my phone number, so that he could contact me to complete his chemistry assignments over the summer. Just two days after, I received a porn video on my cell phone , sent by this guy. I was Shocked!

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Then Nick called me up and said that he sent a video by mistake, I asked him to come over and apologize personally. I would show him! When Nick came, I just kissed him and pushed him on my coffee table, that I like to call the milking masseuse. I just opened his zipper and took his dick out. It was getting harder, I just started sucking it, and providing a ball licking massage I’m sure he will never forget!. He bent me his dick inside my pussy and started stroking me. There was no friction and there was free movement in and out. It was really a great chemistry project for the summer!

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I work as an air hostess; I am home for short periods of time, and my aunt has invited me to her home to spend my weekend with her. My Aunt is lives with my Uncle and their children are studying abroad. On Saturday I didn’t find her home as she had gone for some urgent errand running. It was a sunny day, my uncle is a great photographer, and he has asked me for a photo shoot.  He has asked me to remove my clothes and put on a net onesie, I agreed as I knew my uncle is a great artist for clicking nude pics.

My uncle had seen my small and tight pussy, so could not resist and asked me to have fun with him. It appeared equally good to me and I nodded to him. He just lay down and I put my ass on his thighs, put the tip through, but told me he’d first go to the massage table and get sucked, as he put a butt plug in me. His dick was too hard and long. Once he was ready, he turned over and had me fucking on the table for the first time with him .My Uncle had rammed my pussy and ass, and I felt like a million dollars.

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