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She loves foot rubs, and her moans tell me that she’s really loving this massage. Ever so slowly he works his way up her legs over her ankle. Then over her calf and knee, and then to her thighs, teen Delilah Davis just moans of pleasure, she wears heels all day. He stands just off to her left side while I watch from the right. I see her legs open slightly as he massages her inner thighs working ever so closer to her crotch. Her moans seem more wanting now than before. I move my chair to her feet so I can see up her legs, as she starts on the milkingtable blowjob.

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He smiles as I sit, but doesn’t stop or slow. I watch as he rubs her with well-trained precision. I am surprised when her legs part just a bit more when his hands near her crotch. I see her pussy come into view when he rubs her thick thighs. She and I looked at each other, and I nodded, and began to slam his cock into her. I could see his balls slapping against her pussy! I watched in wonder every time he slammed into her, her tight buns would jiggle a little.. What a beautiful sight! . This small tits brunette was something to worry about.

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