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Every week, my wife, natural blonde Riley Reynolds, schedules a massage for her, and she has me watch how a man has his hands all over her, and many times, fucks her. He turns facing me as he rubs his way to the bottom of her ass. I watch close as her holes come into view as he works his way to her legs, acting like a young blonde masseuse. I feel the pressure grow in my pants as I witness his dark hands on her white ass. Her moans grow a little louder as he massages the bottom of her ass right where her ass stops and legs begin.

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His fingers close in on her crotch, and I watch her ass rise up making his fingers slide across her pussy. She moans one loud moan before catching herself. He looks at me smiling. I smile back feeling my dick strain against my jeans, as she is giving milking table handjobs. I asked how her ass felt and she said, “I’m ready to do that anytime you like. It was wonderful!” She returned to the bedroom, and when I walked in about 15 minutes later, she was on her back, his hands behind her knees which were pushed up under her armpits, he had replaced his condom, and he was fucking her pussy like there was no tomorrow, and she was saying, I’m so horny, I can’t help myself…

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She loves foot rubs, and her moans tell me that she’s really loving this massage. Ever so slowly he works his way up her legs over her ankle. Then over her calf and knee, and then to her thighs, teen Delilah Davis just moans of pleasure, she wears heels all day. He stands just off to her left side while I watch from the right. I see her legs open slightly as he massages her inner thighs working ever so closer to her crotch. Her moans seem more wanting now than before. I move my chair to her feet so I can see up her legs, as she starts on the milkingtable blowjob.

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He smiles as I sit, but doesn’t stop or slow. I watch as he rubs her with well-trained precision. I am surprised when her legs part just a bit more when his hands near her crotch. I see her pussy come into view when he rubs her thick thighs. She and I looked at each other, and I nodded, and began to slam his cock into her. I could see his balls slapping against her pussy! I watched in wonder every time he slammed into her, her tight buns would jiggle a little.. What a beautiful sight! . This small tits brunette was something to worry about.

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Well here we are again. It’s my wife’s birthday, and I don’t know what to get her. She’s 43 now, and although she’s short she is my gorgeous babe Karlie Montana. I do like the roundness of her ass, and the plumpness of her soft boobs. She wears her brown hair long, and I always get her a gift certificate for the hair dresser. I need to do something different this year. I rack my brain for an answer. Grabbing an advertisement magazine I page through before it hits me like a ton of bricks. A massage… At the milking table. A few day pass before she tells me that she has scheduled the massage appointment for this coming Saturday afternoon.”I just figured that the kids will be at my mom’s for their sleep over so I’ll treat myself to a nice relaxing time.” She tells me. After she came back, I didn’t know she would be doing a hot sweet blowjob to the man on the table… It was SO hot to hear her talk about her pleasuring other men… Our relationship has never been better. I backed off, and upon insertion, she arched her back, squealed, said’ “I’m, I’m, I’m,” and I nodded yes to him, and he pulled out about four inches, and slid all ten inches into her… My wife is a filthy freak, and I love her for that.

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Moved by the excitement, Ben put his hands on the buttocks of sexy masseuse Jeanie Marie, who heaved a sigh of pleasure to note how strange hot hands began to fondle her busty big tits body. Ben’s hand moved boldly between her legs, fours, and with panties on her knees, felt like a virtually unknown masturbated her sex. Ben’s fingers intertwined with lips and clitoris of the woman who opened her legs everything elastic thong allowed. The index and middle fingers of excited man entered his sex like a hot knife in butter. She started moaning harder to notice how these dexterous fingers began to penetrate again and again. Jeanie started moving his hips to the fingers of man could see his hand almost disappeared between the buttocks of women. Jeanie nodded moaned. Ben excited knelt before the woman ass and opening her buttocks with both hands began licking deeply from the bottom up the pussy of women. Ben soon introduced his tongue in pussy burying his face between her buttocks. Ben introduced two fingers on the bottom of the pussy while his thumb stroked at breakneck speed the clitoris of the woman, who could not help but even harder with his legs making the thong she wore on her knees cracked, and she enjoyed on the milking table.

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-you like what you see? I nodded. – You know it’s not right what you’ve been doing? She puzzled me her question and I stayed quiet on the milking table porn.  You think I have not noticed you in my drawers looking for my Thongs ?, although you’ve only found these boy short, you think yesterday during the game did not feel like I used to play, and that’s too bad because you left me hot, I do like doing daily two or three times but I have two small problems, the first your uncle is out of town and the second longer I can totally meet from 3 years ago just fucks me once or twice a month and now I work in the week that are here just makes me so before leaving and always the same ends and does not care if I’m satisfied. Do you think that’s okay? And more with his hand he squeezed my penis. – But the love I feel for him alone I have been unfaithful lovers and with those plastic volts to his bed where he had. She continued squeezing my erect I approached his lips to mine and gave me a little kiss, he came up to my ear and whispered “now we fuck”.

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Imagination began to build the scene without so if I want to bring it up. Then another message: “I think … I cannot stop doing” simple, concise, more than enough. I figured there beside me, under my sheets as we heard the rain fall with increasing violence; Is it only physical ?, only wish? It was much more, no doubt. I lie down and put my hand under my soft silk underwear. It was damp, moisture bearing his name; our name. I decided to turn the phone recorder to listen to me, excited me very much to know that was hundreds of kilometers and we would join my moans. My fingers found no difficulty in slipping on my sex, my lips, looking introduced inside me without thinking of anything else.

At that time, the recording was interrupted by a call: it was him. Without planning, without saying anything, just we begin to hear the groans of each other at the milking massage stand. My lower lip seemed to plead for mercy to the repeated bites derivatives such intensity unbuilt images without explanation is happening with the soundtrack of our groans; of us. A groan drowned the other side made could not lengthen lethargy; I got carried away by joining her orgasm. An unexpected beep settled our conversation and gave way again to the messages: “I adore you, I feel you here in my skin” … “Do not leave me, stay inside, in my veins, in my heart” … “We’ll be together and when it happens, the gates of heaven will open before us”.

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It was then that I suddenly ran away from her. This is not might’ve never been unfaithful to your uncle, you are also my nephew, this cannot happen, not on the massage table, not anywhere. . I was taken aback but I knew she was warm and willing flesh. She sat with her eyes down (I think that’s sad) so he could not see what was so near me to her and stood beside her. By giving a light slap on her back she turned and saw in his eyes full lust to have my penis almost in his face, then she took him with her hands, admired him, I knew I wanted so delicately hold the neck and slowly began to direct my big sausage penis to her mouth, she in turn got carried away, to have it in front of her, gave her a tender kiss to the tip, which I hedgehog, with one of my hands began to caress her face and down to her breasts which stroked over her blouse, slowly I felt like she let go and started licking my penis, then I let go of his neck and my hands I concentrated on releasing her breasts, she unbuttoned her blouse me wet yolks fingers with my spit and stroked her nipples in circles, pinching soon get hard and erect, her for her lamia part my penis from the tip to the base, back and stuffed it with one hand grabbed her and the other stroked my testicles, milk my huge cock, I begged pinched pulled his mouth. I licked and sucked my testicles all this with great taste as if it were a delicacy and was a while I did not want to stop and wanted to continue some change position in which I could fondle her breasts more.


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I got up slowly and gently, so as not to wake anyone, and to run away from there, I picked up my clothes from the floor and tiptoed out, but he crossed the room, I stopped short, Alfredo sat there jerking off while watching a home video, directed the TV view and eyes bulged me with what they saw in the video I was, making a blow job to Jorge, while Celeste ate my pussy, oh mother! Site could not move, I was transfixed watching the video, while Alfredo masturbated in the following images, Celeste screamed and panted after a while fuck her, I penetrated me, with the same energy and intensity that it made it through the TV I heard myself screaming oh yes!, fuck me, fuck me, suddenly, who was recording and let the camera came on the scene, Alfredo was on the massage table getting sucked by two girls. I stopped for a moment I also saw that while Celeste and I were on the job men masturbated watching, I left Celeste again get on all fours and offer my sex to Jorge and Alfredo. Jorge returned to thrust passionately, while penetrating me, I licked her pussy with passion and she at once sucked cock her husband, who was over his face, it was a hubbub language, legs, arms, bulging breasts and huge penises. I could not believe what I was seeing, simply did not recognize this woman hungry for sex and lustful, I could not believe he was involved in the orgy-ing!


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